Mayor’s Musings


Submitted, George Peacock

Well back to winter like weather. Unfortunately it’s not helping anyone at the moment whether you’re trying to finish yard work or whether more importantly you’re trying to finish harvest.

Anyway right now I am reflecting on how quickly things can turn around. Last week I proudly introduced, in my musings, our new administrator and announced her expected arrival on October 24th. So at 9.30am on Friday 21st I received a text from the lady asking for details of the suite I had reserved for her, was it furnished etc. etc. After providing the details to her satisfaction and telling her to call me when she got to town Sunday I headed for Regina. At 12.30pm I answered a call as I was having lunch and the same lady informed me she was not coming after all.

She had just received an offer of work somewhere else for more money than she would make here in Coronach and felt it was too good an offer to pass up. Suddenly all of the plans that had been swirling around in my head for days went down the drain. The sad thing is that having signed an offer of employment, having received a signed acceptance in return and having arranged for accommodations at her request, if we had said we’ve changed our mind, we would probably have been sued for breach of contract but when it works the other way around we have no avenue for recourse. No doubt this was, for council as it was for me, a huge disappointment but having another equally able candidate with excellent qualifications but a little less experience we switched to Plan “B” and a hastily called Personnel committee meeting was assembled to put together a tentative offer. We are now awaiting a response.

Hopefully this will prove to be more fruitful than our last efforts but at the end of the day we will keep trying till someone is in place the administrator’s office. During this process Kim our assistant, has been holding the fort down on her own, which is not an easy task and has been even more difficult with all of the extra workload caused by the election preparations. Considering this is a first for her she has done an excellent job and we are very appreciative of her efforts.

Once again we have had some brown water issues in the south end of town. The cause appears to have been the opening of the Sportsplex fire hydrant for a short time to facilitate a request from the RM to provide water for one of their contractors. Had it been open long enough to flush the lines we may have been ok but opening it for a short time was only good enough to stir up the rust in the these lines and as a result made life miserable for some residents. The truth is that there is little that can be done to prevent these mishaps from time to time as the 30 year old cast iron lines are exactly that, old, and worn out. Until these lines are replaced the best we can do is to try to limit these occurrences.

So this will have to be a priority item for our new council along with lift stations and pavement repairs. A formidable list for sure. It looks like the water leaks, on the lot on Westview drive, are taken care of so as soon as things dry out we can backfill the excavation. Some concerns were raised during this operation regarding the safety or lack thereof off our barricades. For sure the equipment we have is not the best and we have been trying for some time now to purchase the type of safety fencing you see around work sites in the city. Most off this is provided by rental companies which is not an option for us and so far our efforts to locate a supplier have come up empty handed. Until we can replace our present barricades we will do all we can to make things as safe as possible.

In the meantime we will be turning our attention back to plans for cistern cleaning. If, finally, the planets line up and we get a few days without inclement weather and other conflicting issues we may be able to make this happen. Until this cleaning is completed and we get the all clear from Water Security the Precautionary Boil Water remains in place and is not to be confused with requests to limit water use in order to conserve the water we have stored in the water tower while we are doing the cleaning.

Well it’s back to yard work for me, so in signing off, I am hoping that in my next article I will have a lot more good news to report. In the meantime stay safe and be well.