The Voice of the People has been heard

Sue Wilson, Triangle News

The Votes are in, the tally is done and the voice of the Coronach residents has been heard. Election time is always a time of question, apprehensions and yes almost a fear.

Are we making the right decision. For those that have sat on Council and or the Mayor’s chair, they have given their time and best judgments for issues that have been dealt with through their terms. But decisions are not always easy and results will not always please everyone.

To the Council members who will now relinquish their seats, we Thank You for your service. And to George Peacock, we wish you well. May you now enjoy your retirement. To all the returning members and the newly elected people we wish you our Congratulations.

You will also face difficult decisions to come, but together our trust is that you will continue to do what is right for Coronach and everyone here. Here are the election results:

Mayor – Trevor Schnell ( 194 votes)

Sharon Adam (283 votes)
Jim Achtymichuk (268 votes)
Nathan Guskjolen ( 229 votes)
Ron Mamer ( 214 votes)
Cory Schnell (199 votes)
Tyson Rousseau (175 votes)